The Typewriter Man



Links to sites associated with Typewriters

Life in a Typewriter Shop
This is an interesting blog by one of the few remaining typewriter engineers in America

Machines of Loving Grace
Very interesting site with lots of information on old typewriters, and links to other sites

Portable Typewriters
Richard Milton's website about his collection
The Classic Typewriter Page
Richard Polt's site - which has a large section on Remington Portables

Antique Typewriters - The Martin Howard Collection
This is an interesting Canadian site
from a chap who has an extensive collection of Victorian typewriters.

Interesting Australian site - see old typewriters from 'Down Under'

My Old Typewriter
I take my hat off to this amazing American lady who is a natural self-taught typewriter mechanic and comes up with the most ingenious repairs to both her and her friends' machines.