The Typewriter Man


Comments from past customers

"It arrived in absolutely perfect shape - how could it be otherwise with such a neat and careful packaging? I am very happy with the transaction, and the typewriter is stunning" - 1956 Oliver Courier exported to a customer in Cyprus

"Great typewriter and a genuinely helpful seller. Highly recommended" - 1928 Corona Four supplied to a customer in Cambridgeshire

"Amazing machine, extremely well packaged. Great seller, thanks!!" - 1924 Corona Four supplied to a London customer

"Fast shipping international order, GB to AZ USA. Very pleased, could buy again." - Smith Corona Instruction Book sent to USA - coals to Newcastle!

"Just the job - very helpful seller - many thanks" - Felt Typewriter Mat and lots of email advice to a customer in the North of England

"Outstanding. Seller has a professional approach in everything, Mint Condition" - 1982 Olympia Monica supplied to a customer on the South Coast

"Great Condition!" - 1983 Silver Reed Leader - supplied to a customer in Berkshire

"Excellent! Accurate description, prompt, good communication, well wrapped. Thanks!" - 1965 Olympia Splendid 33 sent to Worcestershire

"My typewriter arrived this morning...delighted! Thank you for all your assistance. I will certainly recommend your services, and be sure to post a photo of my new purchase on my blog. I'll be more than happy to mention your website as an excellent source for quality and service to anyone wishing to purchase a typewriter" - Adler Gabrielle 25 supplied to a customer in Glasgow

"Thank you so much for repairing my typewriter. It is working beautifully and now has got a 'Q'! You provided an excellent service and I shall be recommending who needs their typewriter repaired. All the best." - JT (Script Olympia Traveller with broken 'Q' typebar)

"Thanks for the servicing. The Royal HH works really well. Doesn't feel loose in its action - like new. It's a pity more people don't realise what a useful machine a typewriter is, even alongside their computer." - RC (Small business still using manual typewriters)

"Perfect! The typewriter cover you sold me fits my Olympia SM9 like it was made for this model. My only regret is that you are not a little closer, so I can get the machine adjusted here and there. Repair people, such as yourself, are an endangered species, even in this country. I was unable to find a cover of this quality near my home. I encourage you to keep going as long as possible... I will keep your website bookedmarked for future reference" - ED (USA)

"I thought that it would be fun to let you know that my typewriter is working well by typing to you instead of sending you an email. I am so happy to have it back in working order. Thank you very much for both the repair and accommodating my shipping requirements." - JR (France)

"I wanted to say thank you for taking so much time and patience with my typewriter. As you can see, she is working beautifully and is better than ever. I really can't thank you enough for the work that you have done on her." - NM (Olympia Model 8 Standard - several broken parts re-made by hand allowing the machine to work properly once more)

"Once again thank you for such a smooth transaction all round, I cannot rate the service you have given highly enough. The chap I bought from on eBay didn't seem to know what he was doing... My daughter advised me not to proceed... I should have listened to her. I will keep an eye on what you have for sale in the future." - ML (Bought a fully refurbished Empire Aristocrat from me after a disastrous eBay purchase... Should have listened to her daughter!)

"Thank you so much for your work on my Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter. You did an amazing job! It feels smoother and tighter, dare I say sophisticated. It makes less noise as well, a more refined sound. It looks and feels like new, a real joy to type on. Thank you!!! - D

"Thank you Tom for the ink ribbon! My 6 year-old daughter was delighted to be able to use her typewriter. Here is a little note she wrote you. Kind Regards" - ED (France)