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Empire Corona / Smith Corona Skywriter - £195



 Made in 1960

The typestyle is Elite (12 Characters per Inch) and the Carriage Width is 9 Inches

  With Original  Manufacturers Instruction Booklet and Leatherette Carry Case

Case Colour is Metallic Hammered Silver with Light Grey Keyboard

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new All-Black ribbon has been fitted
When Hermes of Switzerland produced their first 'Baby' portable typewriter in the mid-1930's, it caused quite a stir in the typewriter world.  When every other manufacturer's portable was a large heavy machine in a wooden box, here at last was a tiny typewriter that was light and easy to carry.  Every other manufacturer had to come up with something similar if it wanted to maintain sales.    In 1949, having been rudely interrupted by World War Two, Smith-Corona of America brought out a lightweight portable typewriter called the 'Skywriter'.  It was reputedly called this because it could be safely stowed beneath an aircraft seat.  In 1960, hoping to save money by having some of their typewriters made abroad, Smith-Corona bought the old Empire factory in West Bromwich.  Empire had been manufacturing a licenced copy of the original Hermes Baby, and was therefore an excellent fit to make the Skywriter for Smith-Corona.  For the first few years, for the UK at least, these machines carried the Empire Corona badge.  By the mid-1960's all production was labelled as Smith-Corona.
The Skywriter is a lovely period typewriter featuring a 42-character keyboard and the famous lift-up 'rabbit ears' paper rest that had been a Smith-Corona icon on many models since the 1940's.  It has a nice snappy type action and is nearly as slim as the Hermes that it set out to copy.  As a basic machine, it takes a single-colour ribbon.  It comes with a go-anywhere zip-up leatherette carry case and still has the original manufacturer's Instruction Book !  The perfect gift for someone who likes vintage but still needs a fully practical typewriter - or simply treat yourself !
.PRICE £195

Plus £17 UK Postage