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Vintage Imperial 50 Office Typewriter



 Made in 1947

The typestyle is Elite (12 Characters per Inch) and the Carriage Width is 14.75 Inches  A facsimile Manufacturers Instruction Book is included

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted
The Imperial 50 was first introduced in 1927, and soon became the typewriter of choice for local and national government, police forces and industry.  It was considered to be so vital to the war effort that production was allowed to continue throughout the second world war and up until 1955.  It was a truly modular typewriter - the type unit, carriage and platen could all be removed and interchanged without the use of tools.  Subsequent Imperial models right up to the closure of the factory in 1974 were largely based on the principles laid down when this machine was designed.
As an immediate post-war typewriter, this particular example features a cork platen instead of the usual rubber unit.  This has the advantage of not hardening with age as a rubber one can, and is therefore as supple as when it orginally left the factory all those years ago.  Still fully capable of typing a letter, the longer carriage makes this typewriter particularly useful for jobs such as scrap-booking and art projects where the paper can be fed into the typewriter sideways.  Fully serviced and with plenty of useful life left, this machine is not only decorative but fully functional too !

PRICE £250 


Due to the size and weight this machine would be best collected from me here in Luton