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Remington Five Vintage Heavy Duty Portable - SOLD



Made in 1951
The typestyle is Pica (10 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 9.5 inches
Case Colour is Light Grey Crackle, with Black Keytops and Platen Knobs

With Carry Case and Facsimilie Manufacturer's Instruction Book

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance

A new All-Black Ribbon has been fitted     

Originally launched in 1933, Remington's larger portable, the Model Five, soon proved to be a popular choice.  By 1940, it had evolved into the 'Streamliner' model, the shape that you can see in the photograph above.  Following a break in production during World War Two, the machine was re-introduced - this time in a slightly modernised version with black plastic keytops and a grey crackle finish to replace the previous glossy black.  In the same way that car makers re-commenced production with warmed over pre-war models whilst they got back onto their feet, typewriter manufacturers did much the same.  The post-war Remington Five was merely a stop-gap until the Remington 'All New' portable could be toooled up for.  Production of the Five lated until 1952, so this particular machine is one of the last of the line.

The Remington Five features a traditional 42-character keyboard with a 'touch' control to fine-tune the feel of the keyboard for the operator's individual preference.  To aid the completion of pre-printed forms, a platen freehead enables you to place the line of writing precisely where it is needed on the page.  Unique to this model is the 'Self-Starter' key which allows you to skip across the page five spaces at a time. 

If you are looking for a vintage typewriter, but with the more comfortable modern plastic keytops, this would be a good choice.  Capable of more than occasional letter writing, this will fit the bill nicely.  It has many more years of reliable service ahead of it !


PRICE £175

plus £17 UK Postage