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Imperial Messenger 'T' Portable - SOLD


Made in 1964
The typestyle is Elite (12 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 10 inches
Case Colour is Light Grey, with Slate Blue Keytops and Platen Knobs

With Light Brown Leatherette Carry Case, Keyboard Chart and Original Imperial Duster

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance

A new Black/Red Ribbon has been fitted     

The British Imperial firm was rather set in its ways to say the least.  By the early 1960's, they were still producing heavy portable typewriters with basic designs going back to 1932 and 1951 !  With competition from Continental firms who were producing smaller, lighter machines, Imperial decided to make something similar.  The result was the Imperial Messenger, first introduced in 1964.  In typical Imperial fashion, however, it incorporated many design elements from the 1932 machine !  Housed in an up-to-the minute plastic casing, the Messenger came in two versions, standard and the 'T' model which incorporated a tabulator and freehead.  Unfortunately, by 1967, Imperial had been swallowed up by an American conglomerate who decided to cut costs by having badge-engineered Imperial portables manufactured abroad.  Firstly in France, and later in Japan.  This is therefore the last design of all-Imperial portable produced.

This Messenger is the 'T' model which features a 45-character keyboard, two-colour ribbon and fold-up paper rest. It also has the tabulator, useful for column work and indented paragraphs, plus the freehead for lining up pre-printed forms accurately.  With its angular 1960's styling, this is vintage at its best !



Plus £17 UK Postage