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Empire Aristocrat Portable - AKA Hermes Baby

Due to a technical problem, the picture below is of a different make/model.  Please e-mail me for pictures of the machine on offer       

Made in 1954
The typestyle is Pica (10 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 9.25 inches
Case Colour is Grey/Green, with Black Keytops and Platen Knobs

With Snap-over Carry Case and Original Manufacturer's Instruction Book

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance

A new All-Black Ribbon has been fitted     

When this Swiss-designed typewriter was introduced in 1935, it was a revelation.  Portable typewriters had always been large, clunky things in heavy wooden carry cases, but now there was a typewriter that only stood as high as a box of matches stood on end and due to its lightweight and compact dimensions could be carried or stowed anywhere.  Within a couple of decades, other typewriter manufacturers had to either make a similar machine or a close copy of this one in order to stay in the portable typewriter business.  This is the machine that began the trend for the go-anywhere portable typewriter.  Within a few months of the machine being launched by Hermes in Switzerland, the British maker Empire bought a licence to manufacture the same model here.  Therfore, although branded as an 'Empire' this machine is an exact replica of the Swiss Hermes Baby and it would be impossible to tell them apart.  The keyboard 'touch' is light and fast, and this featherweight will keep up with the most demanding typist.

Devoid of unnecessary features, this machine comes with single-colour ribbon and 42-character keyboard.  Unusually for a portable typewriter of this size it has a freehead - useful for lining up pre-printed forms.

This particular machine has obviously been cared for by its previous owner and comes with the original manufacturer's instruction book.  It is in excellent condition and has been fitted with a brand-new rubber platen..  If you are looking for a typewriter for home use that will give many more years of reliable service - this is the one to have !  Ribbons for this machine are still being manufactured and are readily available.



PRICE  £165.00


Plus £17.00  UK Postage