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Royal Royalite Portable - SOLD

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Made in 1959
The typestyle is Pica (10 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 9.75 inches
Case Colour is Mid-Grey, with Light Grey Ribbon Cover and Carriage

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance     

In 1955, the American Royal company wanted a modern, lightweight portable typewriter to complement their range.  To achieve this, they simply bought an existing typewriter factory in Holland and with the addition of a restyled outer casing, created the ' Royalite'.   It proved to be a shrewd move because production continued until 1966, by which time Royal had been taken over and the 'Royalite' replaced with a cheaper machine sourced from Japan.  A pleasant entry-level machine, the Royalite features a 42-character keyboard and a fold-up blade paper rest.   It comes with a substantial and smart leatherette carry case.


In good condition, fully refurbished and with a nice supple platen, this machine has many more years of reliable service to give.  Although fitted with new ribbon fabric wound onto the original metal spools, the 'Royalite' also takes a modern, readily-available ribbon.


PRICE  £115.00 - SOLD


Plus £17.00  UK Postage