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Remington Travel-Riter Portable - SOLD


Made in 1962

The typestyle is Elite (12 Characters per Inch) and the carriage width is 9.5 inches

Colour is Duck-egg Blue over Light Green

With Zip-up Carry Case, New Ribbon and Facsimilie Manufacturers Instruction Book

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted and it is ready to give many more years of reliable service
Although an American firm, Remington had several factories in Europe, including one in Germany which had been an independent typewriter manufacturer before Remington bought them out in the early 1930's.  This factory, Torpedowerke, was unique in the Remington empire in that they were able to continue making their own very successful designs when all the other factories simply produced 'clones' of the American machines.  This situation continued until the early 1960's when Remington finally closed down their German subsiduary.  However, some of the the Torpedowerke designs lived on for a few more years, re-badged and in new 'All-Remington' outer casings, to be manufactured in Remington's Dutch factory - and in this particular case - assembled from Dutch-made parts in Remington's British operation.  The Travel-Riter is therefore a German/European typewriter in American clothes !

This machine is in excellent condition, with a nice supple platen and almost as new.  Capable of more sustained use than a standard 'flat portable', and with a nice, even, line of writing,  it has many more years of reliable use ahead of it.  It features a 43-character keyboard and a neat 'rabbit ears' pull-up paper rest.  The machine comes complete with a heavy-duty light grey zip-up carry case and a copy of the original maker's instruction book.  

PRICE   £125 - SOLD
Plus £25 UK Postage