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Olympia Traveller 'S' - SOLD

Made circa 1984

With Snap-over Carry Case,
New Black/Red Ribbon and Original Manufacturers Instruction Book

The typestyle is Continental Elite (11 Characters per Inch) and the carriage width is 9.25 inches
Case colour is White with Grey Trim and Keyboard
I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance

The Olympia factory in West Germany had an excellent reputation for producing top-quality typewriters.  With a design heritage going back to 1955, when the original SF was first produced, the first model spawned a whole series of lightweight but extremely durable typewriters. The final development of this design was the Olympia Traveller, first seen in 1969. 

The Traveller boasts a 44-character keyboard and pop-up paper rest.  A handy feature is the margin release key which also doubles as a typebar anti-clash device.  Clash two typebars and when you press the key, they pop back down again.  You will never have to get inky fingers ever again by putting them into the segment !  Every detail of these machines has been carefully thought out to make life as convenient as possible for the user.  This last iteration of the design also has a handy pre-set tabulator for column work and indented paragraphs.  It also  takes a readily-available ribbon which is still in current production.

This particular machine appears to have had very little use and is in excellent condition.  It even comes with the original manufacturers' instruction booklet !  Possibly the next best thing to going back in time and buying a new one !

  If you are looking for a quality typewriter that will take more than just occasional use when necessary, this would be the one to have.

PRICE    £220 - SOLD

Plus £17 UK Postage