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Olivetti Lexicon 80 Office Manual Typewriter - SOLD

Made in 1954
Full Size Office Typewriter in Excellent Condition
The typestyle is Pica  (10 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 12 inches
Case colour is Beige, with Black Keytops

I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted the machine for best performance.   
A new Black/Red Ribbon has been fitted.
and it is ready to give many more years of reliable service


The  Lexicon 80 was Olivetti's first 'modern' post-war typewriter.  Not only stylish, but well-engineered to the extent that the 1960's D82 was still largely the same machine under the skin.   

This particular machine dates from 1954 and was assembled in British Olivetti's Glasgow factory, an offshoot of the original company in Italy. It appears to have had only reasonable use before being stored away for decades by its previous owner.  I have re-commissioned the machine and made some minor adjustments to improve the performance.  It still has many years of useful life ahead of it, and should last for long time before needing any further attention.  If you have a lot of typing to do, you cannot beat a full-size office machine like this one.  The steep keyboard slope makes it much less tiring to use than a portable, and as a commercial tool, it was of course designed to be used all day, every day.

Due to the size and weight of this machine, it would be best collected from me here in Luton.  However, I am prepared to quote for postage if necessary


PRICE  £250 - SOLD