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Silver-Reed SR 180 (Branded Boots PT400) NEW - SOLD

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Made late 1980's - NEW OLD STOCK
with Snap-over Carry Case

New Ribbon and Facsimilie Manufacturer's Instruction Book
The typestyle is Elite (12 characters per inch)  and the carriage width is 9.5 inches
Case colour is Black with White Keyboard


I have dismantled and repaired this machine (see below)
A new Black/Red Ribbon has been fitted

This was one of the last manual portable typewriters to remain in production. This machine is the last of its kind.   Introduced in the mid 1960's by the Japanese manufacturer Silver-Reed, these machines were produced in their millions.  They were not only branded as 'Silver-Reed' but also sold as 'Imperial', 'Royal' and as stores own brands like 'Boots' for the well-known chain of chemists shops.

This particular machine was a warranty return that had been stored in a warehouse for over 25 years, unused and unrepaired.  It is still therefore still BRAND NEW.  I have repaired the faults that resulted in its original return to the wholesalers, cleaned it and fitted a new ribbon to replace the original which had, of course, dried out.  Whilst in storage, it had also lost the original instruction book so a replacement in photocopy form is included instead.

When in production, this machine was the top of the Silver-Reed range.  It features a 44-character keyboard with Touch Contol that adjusts the typing 'feel', Pre-set Tabulator for column work and Repeating Spacebar.  The carriage has an Erasure Table to help in correcting mistakes.  A matching Black plastic 'snap over' carry case is included.  This is a very rare opportunity to buy a brand new typewriter and I only have the one.  When it has gone, there will not be any more !


PRICE  £145.00

  Plus £16.50 UK Postage