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Adler Tippa Portable - SOLD


Made in 1971 - With Snap-Over Carry Case
New Ribbon and Facsimilie Manufacturers Instructions
The typestyle is Continental Elite (11 characters per inch) and the Carriage Width is 9.25 inches
Case colour is Light Grey with Cream keyboard
I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted
The original Tippa was designed by Herr Gossen who was the chief designer at the German maker Voss.  He worked away on the design in his own time until he had perfected it - and then left his employer to launch his own typewriter company !  The 'Gossen Tippa' was an immediate success and began to eat into the sales of other German manufacturers including Triumph-Adler who looked on aghast since they only had larger heavy-duty portables to sell.  'Well, if you can't beat them, join them', as the old saying goes.  Truimph-Adler bought the Gossen company and the rights to the design to give them the lightweight compact portable that they so desperately needed !  They immediately redesigned the outer case in  plastic - T-A being a very early adopter when other makers were still content with painted metal shells - and made a few detail improvements.  The new 'Adler' Tippa served them very well and became one of the best designs of lightweight portable typewriter ever made.

 Made in 1971, and still retaining the classic rounded shape from the 1960's, this machine is in excellent condition and seems to have had little use from new.  It comes with a 44-charater keyboard, fold-up paper rest and a margin release key that also doubles as a typebar anti-clash key - enabling you to clear typebar jams without having to put your fingers into the inky segment !   This typewriter takes a widely-available ribbon that is still in current production.

A popular vintage typewriter in nearly unmarked condition, with many more years of faithful service ahead of it!

 Plus £17 UK Postage