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Erika 105 HD Portable - As New - SOLD



Made circa 1990
With Hard Carry Case, Cleaning Brush and Manufacturers Instruction Book

The typestyle is Continental Elite (11 Characters per Inch) and the carriage width is 9.5 inches
Case colour is White over Dark Grey, with Dark Grey Keyboard
I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted

The Erika typewriter was one of the Former East Germany's most successful exports.  The product of a long-established manufacturer who unfortunately found themselves at the wrong side of the Iron Curtain after the last war, the Erika was something of a bargain when new.  Sold cheaply in the UK only because the East German currency was worth very little in the West, this sturdy machine made many friends.  After the German reunification, it was the last manual typewriter to be manufactured in Europe, the final ones coming out of the factory in 1990.

It is an excellent heavy-duty portable typewriter of the old school, capable of much more than just typing the ocassional private letter.  It would be ideal for someone wanting to write a book or thesis, and looking for a machine capable of extended use.  It has a 44-character keyboard, pop-up paper rest, freehead (for lining up pre-printed forms precisely) and a full tabulator.  It has a clever adaptation of the ribbon lift mechanism to allow the middle of a single-colour ribbon to be used as well as the top and bottom - allowing a third use !  It takes a readily-available ribbon, and being one of the last of its' kind manufactured, is a thoroughly modern typewriter.

Although approximately 30 years old, this machine is AS NEW.  It has been barely used, as evidenced by it still having the original factory-fitted ribbon when it came in.  It has been serviced to remove the original (now congealed) factory lubricants and has been lightly re-commissioned.  This is a genuinely rare opportunity to buy a practically new typewriter, not yet 'run-in'.


Plus £25  UK Postage