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Adler Gabriele 20 - As New - SOLD



Made in 1969
With Hard Carry Case, Cleaning Brushes, Manufacturers Instruction 

Eraser, Carry Case Key and Factory Test Chart

The typestyle is Elite (12 Characters per Inch) and the carriage width is 9.5 inches
Case colour is Cream, with Cream Keyboard and Dark Grey Minor Controls
I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted

By the late 1960's there were only two surviving makers of quality typewriters in Germany - Olympia and Triumph-Adler.  Whereas Olympia tended to concentrate on gradual improvements to established designs, Triumph-Adler were more innovative and designed a whole new range of typewriters for the 1960's and beyond.  The Adler Gabriele was one of the results of this programme and is one of the all-time best designs of heavy-duty portable.  It is a masterclass in engineering a throughly modern manual typewriter with no loss of quality.  Available in a number of different versions with varying degrees of luxury, even the basic Adler Gabriele has all the features that you would expect to find on a full-size office typewriter.

When new, the Adler Gabriele was mainly bought by heavy users such as professional writers and small businesses that couldn't justify owning a larger machine.   Therefore, it is capable of much more than just typing the occasional private letter.  It would be ideal for someone wanting to write a book or thesis, and looking for a machine capable of extended use.  It has a 44-character keyboard, fold-up paper rest, freehead (for lining up pre-printed forms precisely) and a full tabulator.  It takes a readily-available ribbon, available in a variety of colours.

Although originally sold in 1969, this machine is AS NEW.  It has had only light use from one fastidious owner who has kept all the original accessories (listed above) that came with the machine.  This is as near as one can get to going back to 1969 in a time machine and buying a new one.  After a long time in storage, it has been serviced and recommissioned to give many more decades of totally reliable service.


Plus £25  UK Postage