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Olympia SKM Desk Portable



Made in 1974
With Facsimile Instruction Book

The typestyle is Pica (10 Characters per Inch) and the carriage width is 13.5 inches
Case colour is White over Dark Grey, with a Dark Grey Keyboard
I have dismantled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted this machine for best performance
A new Black/Red ribbon has been fitted

The German-made Olympia typewriter has a reputation as one of the best makes available.  The SM-series heavy-duty portables on which this machine is based, have a design heritage dating back to 1950.  This machine was an attempt to break into the 'office portable' market and was only made in limited quantities for a few years in the early 1970's.  The 13.5" carriage makes it an extremely versatile typewriter.  It has all of the features that you would expect to find on a full-size office typewriter, including an infinitely-settable tabulator featuring a 'total tab. clear' lever on the carriage and a pop-up paper rest. This machine has a delightful (and adjustable) keyboard 'touch' and will keep up with the most expert typist.  Less tiring to use than its carriage-shifted predecessors, the segment-shifted Olympia SKM is a joy to work with.

The SKM features a 44-character keyboard, tabulator, and a platen freehead (handy for lining up pre-printed forms precisely).   The extra-long carriage makes this a very useful typewriter, capable of typing large forms and will even take a piece of Foolscap paper (longer than A4) sideways !

This particular machine has been well-used but still has plenty of life left  !   It has been set up to provide many more years of reliable service.  Ribbons for this model are still readily available.  If you are a serious user looking for a quality product with built-in reliability - this is the typewriter to have.

PRICE £200

Plus £25  UK Postage