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New Nakajima AX-150 Portable Electronic Typewriter - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

To complement my range of refurbished manual typewriters,
I also sell NEW Nakajima electronic typewriters

Brand New Nakajima AX-150 Portable Electronic Typewriter
 Basic Model with Free UK Postage and 12 Months Warranty 

The name 'Nakajima' may be new to you, but in fact they are a very experienced Far-Eastern typewriter manufacturer. For over thirty-five years, Nakajima supplied typewriters for the established makers to sell under their own brand-names. With the demise of the well-known brands, Nakajima have finally come out of the background and now sell the same typewriters under their own flag. They are the world's last remaining volume producer of electronic typewriters. The best manufacturer that you have never heard of!

If you are looking for a basic electronic typewriter for home use, the Nakajima AX-150 should suit your needs well. It will do everything that an older electric typewriter would do, plus a few handy extra features. It has a pitch control with three positions, which allows you to type in Pica (10 characters per inch) or Elite (12 characters per inch) with the supplied dual-purpose printwheel - or with a different printwheel - Micro (15 characters per inch). It has a self-correcting feature. Backspace over the error and the machine will literally remove the ink from the page so that you can make the correction.

The platen is wide enough to take a sheet of A4 paper sideways if you wish. The machine will embolden words or automatically underline them. Headings can be centred on the paper without having to manually count the words, as you do when using a mechanical typewriter. You can even make the machine return the carrier automatically as you get near the end of each line - useful if your eyes are looking at a text that you are copying and not the page in the typewriter!    Just like an electric or quality manual typewriter, the AX-150 has a tabulator with up to twelve settable positions. Perfect for doing column work.   A single tab stop, set five spaces in from the left margin, will also let you produce indented paragraphs.

If you are already used to using an electronic typewriter, you will find the Nakajima to be instantly familiar. If you are replacing a manual or electric typewriter, you should be able to adapt quite quickly, especially if you have used a golfball typewriter in the past. If you have never used a typewriter before, you will find the light-touch computer-style keyboard to be a great asset. The machine measures 412mm wide by 375mm deep by 117mm high, and weighs 5.1Kg. That is 16.25 inches by 14.75 inches by 4.6 inches high and weighs 11.3 lbs

Ribbons and Correction Lift-Off tapes are easily obtainable, thanks to the large number of these machines that are in circulation.


PRICE  £220.00  including UK Postage

Add a starter pack of six each ribbons and lift-off tapes for an extra £40

Your typewriter will arrive as boxed at the factory.
You will need to remove the manufacturers packing pieces before you can use it for the first time.
Full unpacking instructions can be found in the enclosed user handbook.